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Sunday Schedule

8:15am - Contemporary Worship Service

9:30am - Sunday School

10:45am - Traditional Worship Service

134 S. Main St., Boonsboro, MD, 21713
Office Phone: (301) 432-8741

Beginning on Sunday, February 18, we will begin a Lenten Study of the Gospel of Mark. The study will be held during the Sunday school hour in the classroom directly below the pastor’s office. Mark is the shortest, and in many ways the foundational gospel. (Most bible scholars agree that Mark was the first to put the Good News of Jesus Christ into written form, and that the longer gospels of Matthew and Luke use Mark as a primary source.) Thus, Mark is an excellent place for those who may be relatively new to studying the bible to begin.
The main resource for this study will be the Gospel of Mark itself. We will have very brief daily reading assignments from Mark each day and will be guided by discussion questions drawn primarily from the book “Meeting God in Mark – Reflections for the Season of Lent” by Rowan Williams. A limited number of copies of this book have been ordered and will be available for $9.00. (It is also available in electronic format from Kindle or iBooks.) While this book will enhance your appreciation of Mark, it is not strictly speaking necessary to participate profitably in the class. The daily scripture readings will be as follows:

Week One (Ash Wednesday to the 1st Sunday of Lent)

Wednesday: Mark 1.1–13

Thursday: Mark 1.14–28

Friday: Mark 1.29–45

Saturday: Mark 2.1–17


Week Two

Monday: Mark 2.18–28

Tuesday: Mark 3.1–12

Wednesday: Mark 3.13–35

Thursday: Mark 4.1–20

Friday: Mark 4.21–34

Saturday: Mark 4.35–41


Week Three

Monday: Mark 5.1–20

Tuesday: Mark 5.21–43

Wednesday: Mark 6.1–13

Thursday: Mark 6.14–29

Friday: Mark 6.30–56

Saturday: Mark 7.1–23


Week Four

Mon: Mark 7.24–37

Tue: Mark 8.1–21

Wed: Mark 8.22—9.1

Thurs: Mark 9.2–29

Fri: Mark 9.30–50

Sat: Mark 10.1–16

Week Five

Mon: Mark 10.17–34

Tue: Mark 10.35–52

Wed: Mark 11.1–11

Thurs: Mark 11.12–33

Fri: Mark 12.1–17

Sat: Mark 12.18–37


Week Six

Mon: Mark 12.38–44

Tue: Mark 13.1–23

Wed: Mark 13.24–37

Thurs: Mark 14.1–11

Fri: Mark 14.12–31

Sat: Mark 14.32–52


Week Seven

Mon: Mark 14.53–72

Tue: Mark 15.1–20

Wed: Mark 15.21–39

Thurs: Mark 15.40–47

Fri: Mark 16.1–8a

Sat: Mark 16.8b–20


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